Wednesday, May 25, 2005


JW said I flirted with Golden Eagle yesterday. Which is absurd. Why is it that if you tease someone of the opposite sex, it is labeled flirting? Well, labeled flirting by JW? What the heck. Our old law clerks, Doug & Swen were great. We loved them. We being everyone in the entire office!!! Come 3 o'clock, Doug would make the rounds of the office about once an hour. He would heckle/BS with me, steal my Goldfish, then move on to heckle/BS with Rachel, take some of her candy, and then stop to BS with Kevin. It was a little loop of heckling/BS. And Swen was always up for chatting about whatever; he was really fun. So Rachel and I expressed to Kevin and Golden Eagle our dissatisfaction with the current level of entertainment by the law clerks. We argued that one of the important duties of law clerks is to entertain whoever is noble enough to stick around after 4 pm (fewer people than you'd think). He pledged to try harder to be entertaining. As a show of his earnestness, he discussed with Rachel, JW & I about how creepy it is that Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes. I have to say, he was not that entertaining, because his taste in actresses is crap. Who on this planet thinks Julia Ormond is hot???
And then JW tells me today that I was flirting. She was like, He was totally eating it up. It really kind of bugs me, because it's like, Oh because I'm married, I'm supposed to like, start wearing the veil and speak to men with downcast eyes. Whatever. Jen is on my side, she understands that there is a difference between flirting and teasing. I can't help but think that this is because 1) JW has a crush on Golden Eagle and 2) She reads into everything. Because she totally does. And she said, If Dh had been here, he would have been so mad. And I responded, No he wouldn't because his definition of flirting is even more strict than mine. He would not even give a crap. And he would have agreed that Julia Ormond is not hot! Guys flirt with me right in freaking front of him, and he only finds it mildly annoying. (Whereas if some chick flirted with Dh in front of me, I would be peeved.)
It's sometimes a little tricky, especially with people like me, and Dh, and even Golden Eagle I think, people who love teasing, and that's how they interact with others. I guess some people would interpret that teasing as flirting, but it's not. They would be misinterpreting it!


Katie said...

Preach On

Anth said...

You're such a brat.

Katie said...

I know. Aren't you happy to know that I haven't changed.