Saturday, November 12, 2011

This and That

  • Since my husband finished grad school, he's had more free time. He's been spending it fishing (as much as I will let him, which is pretty often), hunting whenever possible, and following college football. I have discovered I actually find football pretty interesting to watch. To the point that despite the fact that Dh is working, I watched bits and pieces of the Oregon-Stanford game all on my own. And crowed (nicely) to my brother in Florida via text, who had very snidely suggested last week that Oregon would surely lose. Booyah!
  • My kids are on me all day long. It starts from the moment they realize I am awake and it does not cease until they are asleep. It drains me every day. Then I have a couple of hours to myself, or to spend with my husband, and then I do it all again the next day. It is so exhausting. I know we are all trying to find our places again since the addition of Baby C, and it is rough on them for Dh to be temporarily working swing. (They were kind of manic last fall - Dh works swing every autumn.) Miss E started kindergarten, and my mom was here for a full month, and is gone now. All these upsets to our normal routine. But oh my heavens. The constant whining and fighting and begging for candy. (Seriously wtfreak is up with the constant begging for candy?? That alone is driving me mad.) And then. And then Miss E brings me a picture she drew for me, of me and her holding hands, and she has written our names across the top, and I melt. So fortunately for my children, they do just enough cute and sweet and well-behaved things that I have thus far staved off complete insanity.
  • In my children's defense, I dragged all three of them to Target and Safeway on a Saturday (today) and they were all super, super well-behaved. I even remembered to thank them for that when we piled in the car, and their beaming faces were beautiful to see.
  • The baby is so sweet. I absolutely adore her. She is a good sport with the pestering her siblings give her. (Though when Ace accidentally kicked her head today, I got extremely mad.) She sleeps so well at night it is truly wonderful. She usually goes down around 8, and sleeps until at least 4. Lately she has been sleeping until 5 or 6. But I mentioned that Dh is working swing? He gets home a bit after 10. So I usually stay up and hang with him. (Stupid.) I haven't been getting that much sleep. I want to see my husband, okay? I think I'm going to have to stop seeing him though, because this not-enough-sleep thing is not working out for me in the long term. Or even the short term.
  • Okay my husband just got home, so that's all folks!


Cassie said...

I think you stay-at-home moms have such an impossible job. Everyone always talks about how busy I am, how do I find time for this or that, etc. -- but the truth is, after TWO DAYS of my children hanging on me, I am just completely wiped. Some weeks I look forward to the workweek starting, just so I can go be in silence for a while (like I am right now, with a hot cup of coffee, ahh).

And yes, football is amazing! I'm glad you've now realized that too. :)

EdgyK said...

I haven't been following blogs for a while. Sorry I totally put down owls and it's on your blog. I am a bad bad friend.