Friday, November 04, 2011

Apparently Eating Is Important

First of all, you are very smart bloggy friends! I was indeed Kate Middleton. I guess the good people of my town are not as up on posh Brits. Weird.

* * *

If you have had a baby you know how it goes with eating - you might get to, if the baby stops needing you for one minute. Which she doesn't. Besides which I have these two other children who keep expecting clean clothes and regular meals. I keep feeling really shaky, only to look at the clock and realize it's 2 pm and I've yet to eat a bite. But the clincher is I am coming down with my second illness in as many weeks.

My husband is confused by the entire issue. But I've seen how he works. He doesn't worry about pesky things like the dishes, or cleaning, so he just sits right down and eats at the same time as the kids. I hate getting up ten times while eating, so I usually just wait until they're done eating before I attempt to eat. I prefer to clean while they eat, because it doesn't matter if cleaning gets interrupted ten times. But I hate soggy cereal or lukewarm food. This worked fine before I had Baby C, but it just doesn't work now. Cue the shakes.

Right now though, Dh has taken the children away for a little trip to a yurt at the coast, so it's just me and the bambino. It more than makes up for his blase approach to cleaning!!

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Cassie said...

Being interrupted 1200 times while I'm trying to eat is the worst. The absolute WORST. I like your approach to it -- just let them all eat, and you'll eat when they're done. Makes a lot of sense to me.

I hope you're enjoying your time alone with just Baby C. It must feel like a vacation!