Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In Which My Husband Proves His Awesomeness

Today I met up with Rainbow at the library. We talked politics while Ace constructed a giant tower of books. Which I left in situ. I figure I'll atone for that when I'm an ancient volunteer at the library, picking up children's books and thinking about my baby boy. I tried to take the kids to storytime, but when Miss E saw that room full of strangers, she emphatically refused to enter. She isn't too fond of being surrounded by strangers. She likes to them to come to her in ones and twos.

Dh plans to go fishing on Friday (nonrefundable charter boat on the ocean), and we agreed that Saturday could be my day. The whole day. What a blissful concept, after a full year of breastfeeding, to be able to leave for hours. Well, he called me up today and said his coworker who was supposed to work Saturday has a family emergency and has to leave, and could Dh work Saturday for him?

"But," I protested feebly (and guiltily). "That was supposed to be my day."

"I know," said Dh.

Long silence as the angel and devil on my shoulders duked it out.

"Fine. Do what you have to do," I said unwillingly.

Two minutes later Dh called me back. "I worked it out so I'm taking Thursday off, so you can have that day all to yourself, and then I'll work Saturday."

What a fabulous husband I have.

Two things: this is in no way an attempt to suck up to Dh for complaining about him earlier. I really am being a lot more careful what windows I leave open on the laptop when I'm done with it. Ha ha
And second, what am I doing tomorrow, on my day? Shopping, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cassie said...

Aw, what a sweetie. Have a great time shopping! I'm jealous!

Katie said...

That's really great of him!

Plus, it's WAY better to have a weekday open than a weekend day. Much fewer other people around to get in your way/take up space at the sale racks!

Margaret said...

Awesome he IS! A whole day, wow! I have no idea what that feels like, but I am sure you will enjoy every single second. Now, I'm just going to get my husband and tell him to read your post (hopefully he'll get the hint!).