Thursday, July 30, 2009


I took my car in for an oil change today. The mechanic at the dealership informed me my car would be ready in an hour. Um, I wasn't prepared for that. (I have a lifetime oil change thing, and it used to only take 25 minutes!) I had the single stroller, I was in flip-flops and Miss E was wearing her princess high heels. But off we went. I decided we would walk to the mall and get Miss E's hair cut there. It was only a few blocks. As we slowly walked (to accommodate the restrictions of princess high heels), I was struck by how much more I notice when I am walking as opposed to when I am driving. I saw:
  • a man looking chagrined as a cop wrote him a ticket
  • a limousine being towed
  • a church with a "Closed - Gone to Vegas" sign in the window
  • a apartment building with a charming mosaic tile entryway
The only thing I might have spotted while driving is the guy who was pulled over, but I would have merely thought, "Sucka!" as I cruised past him. Miss E chattered happily and told me about the leaves on the ground, the cars on the street, and her princess shoes. Ace was content to chill in the stroller.

(When I get around to it, I will take some pictures of Miss E's new do. It's just a simple shoulder-length cut. The hair all the way down her back was just too much, since she cried like a banshee whenever I try to brush it.)

Tomorrow I am going to a show for the first time in forEVER and I am excited. Dh and I are going to see Blue October and Switchfoot. These are mainstream, right? EK and my brother had both never heard of them. I have decided they are the weird ones and I am the normal one. Ha ha

I am stuck in a terrible sleep cycle. I stay up too late, then sleep badly for four or five hours. Then when the kids go down for their naps, I crash for two hours. Then I'm not tired until late, and sleep badly for four or five hours. Repeat ad nauseum. I can't seem to break it. All I know is, these dark circles under my eyes are probably permanent.

Oh and somehow Dh already found the criticism of him contained in that last post! (...possibly because I left the laptop open to this blog...) Obviously I'm going to have to be a little more careful. Or less critical. Umm....yeah.


Cassie said...

Sometimes it really is nice to just slow down and look at the world around us, you know? You're absolutely right that there's a lot we miss when the world just flashes by outside our car windows. /philosophical rambling

Have fun at the show! I have heard of both of those bands, so either we're both weird or both normal. (It's debatable either way.) :)

Margaret said...

Oh! I feel for you, with the terrible sleep cycle. I am quite sure I wake up every hour throughout the night, it's driving me crazy! Apart from the nap-taking-during-the-day, I am quite sure Miss E and Liv are twins separated at birth (Princess high heels, long hair and um, crying like a banshee!). Glad you enjoyed the walk