Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Much Better

Thanks for all the sympathy. I really appreciate it. I guess it's true that it's always darkest before dawn, metaphorically that is. Because I've been awake right before dawn, and it's not very dark.

Anyway. Ace is doing a lot better. He spent the past two nights in his crib. I'm getting him back on a daytime nap schedule. And we are all starting to feel more human. Thank goodness.

Yesterday he took his morning nap very sweetly, no crying. At his early afternoon nap, he cried for 45 minutes, then slept for an hour and a half. At his late afternoon nap, he cried for two minutes and slept for an hour. At night he cried for half an hour before dropping off to sleep for a solid four hours before his first night nurse.

This means I am about ten times happier.

So now I'm quite bored with whining talking about Ace and his sleeping habits. And I bet you are too.

I already admitted to the Internet that I covet my neighbor's stroller. Obviously, the only way to cease that dreadful sinning was to get one of my own. I ordered it off Amazon and it shipped yesterday!! I am so stoked. Also, I decided to check the price of the Roulpat, and found to my delight that it was on clearance! So that will soon be at use in my kitchen.

Though I see that the Roulpat is now on even lower clearance. Blast. If you are in the market for a silicone roll mat, now is certainly the time to get it.


Dooneybug said...

If it's cheaper than what you paid for it, you can request the difference from Amazon. I don't know exactly where you go to do that, but I know for sure you can!

Have fun with your new stroller!!

Woman on the Verge said...

I've been away from my computer and you've been a busy busy girl!!
I'm glad there is an end in sight for you with this and especially that the little guy is doing better. How scary that must have been!

Christy said...

So glad to hear that your little guy is sleeping better. Sleep deprivation will kick your ass every time.

Cassie said...

Oh, I'm so glad things are better with little Ace. Also, I didn't know what a Roulpat was until I clicked that link, and now I am DESPERATE for one!

Amanda said...

I'm glad things are getting better with little Ace and I hope he continues to improve!

Sugar and Ice said...

I see you chose a jogger with a swivel wheel up front...good choice!!