Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Which I Covet My Neighbor's Stroller

EdgyK is on vacation for a while. This means I am totally bored. Because let's be honest, I only have one friend. Lol

Anyway, she lent me her double jogging stroller and I love it. I've been using it tons. Monday I walked for an hour, Tuesday twenty-five minutes, today just shy of an hour. As long as the sun's not in his eyes, Ace just chills, sucking on his binky. Miss E alternates between chilling next to her little brother, reaching out to touch the local flora, and protesting if I dare to direct the stroller back towards our house. "I don't wanna go home! Wanna go walk!" Of course her wish is my command.

A couple of Christmases ago, my dad gave me an mp3 player already conveniently loaded with a lecture series on Einstein's special and general theories of relativity. (I come by my geekiness honestly, people.) I got a third through in early 2007 and then stalled. But I have discovered it's the perfect thing to listen to while walking around my town. Today I learned that astronauts aren't actually weightless in space, they are in constant freefall. It was so interesting! I really should have taken physics in college.

Anyway the point is, I am going to have such a hot little body that when EdgyK comes back, she is not even going to recognize me! So maybe I can pretend to be new in the neighborhood and thus hold onto this stroller a little longer.


Christy said...

You don't have your own double stroller? How do you survive? Yesterday I went shopping at Target - me, Porgie, Izzy, and the double stroller. I managed to load $100 worth of crap in my stroller. Does that count as exercise?

Cassie said...

Ha! I can just picture you, strolling down the road, listening to Einstein's theory of relativity. That's CLASSIC!

That really IS an awesome stroller...almost makes me want to have another baby so I can justify buying one (just kidding of course...sort of).

AM said...

I really want a double stroller, but I want a double side by side umbrella stroller.I think it will be great for going to the mall or what not and easier to fold and store by myself.

That's awesome you got to borrow it!

Amanda said...

I want a jogger stroller! Not a double one. LOL, I have my hands full with one!

Then maybe I won't have to be jealous of mommies with hot little bodies!

Becca said...

One friend, huh? Mmm hmmm. What about moi? My phone isn't broken and I don't mind filling in while your BFF is out of town. =)

Anyway, you already have a great body, but I can understand exercising for a healthy heart.

On a side note, the Twilight movie will now be out (early) on 21Nov. Maybe you can convince Kendra to come too.

Sugar and Ice said...

That looks just like my jogger, except mine is a single, and mine has a swivel wheel up front. A swivel wheel is a must for me; turning is too hard with a stationary...though I can make mine stationary if need be. I'm going to be so sad when I can't use it anymore :(.

EdgyK said...

To sugar and ice mine does have a swivel wheel. But the colors are similar to the one in the picture. Anth it was a ploy to get you to buy one so we can go strolling together and talk about things less enlightening. Plus I don't want you to wait till your fourth child is a year old to get one, like I did, and totally regret. The double stroller has still been worth every penny. Yes, I should post my own blog about all the things I love about my double stroller and the dramatic story about how it came to be mine.

Rebecca said...

Dude! Double strollers are the coolest thing ever! I just ordered a double jogger myself. I've been running to the window every time UPS drives by!

Rebecca said...

Dude! Double strollers are the coolest thing ever! I just ordered a double jogger myself. I've been running to the window every time UPS drives by!