Sunday, February 18, 2007

In Which I Get a Break Just in Time

The cheesecake of love. Truth be told, the glaze did not "set" as the recipe indicated it would. So it looks funky. But! How did it taste? Well, it was huge and is now almost gone! Creamy, raspberry-y, yummy!

Crankiness did arrive. Thursday & Friday were not so fun. Dh gave me a break Friday midday - when I got back, his eyes were full of newfound appreciation for me - "I couldn't get anything done with her!" - I just smiled beatifically. Thinking, 'And yet I keep our house (mostly) clean & picked up, stay on top of the laundry and make dinner for your monkey butt!'

Dh bought the above boat early Friday evening. It's ugly, isn't it. Apparently function trumps form in situations like this. Ha ha He is very excited to go fishing in his new (used) boat. He found one with actual seats specifically for me, to make it more comfortable, so that I'll go with him sometimes, which was sweet of him. And smart, since seat comfort makes a crucial difference to me. I want to find an infant life vest for Baby E so we can go out as a family.

We went out Friday for our late V Day celebration - to the fabulous Italian restaurant conveniently located just down the road. Then we scared the babysitter by arriving home way early to change. Ran out again and watched Breach, which I quite enjoyed.

Finished Killing Floor by Lee Child. Another ridiculous Jack Reacher novel. I can't quite explain why I keep reading them.*

*And if you think I've been reading just too darn much recently, well, I have. I'm on a BIG reading kick right now.

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