Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Baby E decided to ring in V Day with some amazing feats:
1) She sprouted her first tooth.
2) She is officially de-swaddled.

1) This morning while nursing the baby, I felt a little bite from her. (Thankfully, she rarely bites.) This bite felt a bit different. It had an edge. My gut said to investigate. So I stuck my finger in her mouth, and sure enough, a tiny tooth had just barely broken the surface of her gums! I ran a self-check and didn't really feel sad (as I was expecting to) but rather excited for my little baby who is quickly growing up.
The wonderful thing is, I had no idea she was teething. Her fussiness during dinner is more understandable in retrospect. But yesterday she didn't drool, cling, crank. She slept through the night just like normal. (Of course, she isn't done yet, obviously. Time for all of that, I suppose.) But really, her behavior was barely changed. So ya-hooo!!

2) This picture was taken just now during her afternoon nap:

That's right. I've finally got her off the swaddling. Yes!!! We did one arm out for what felt like forever (but was probably two and one-half weeks). Then both arms out for about a week and a half. And then today after her early morning nurse, and during both naps, no swaddling!!!! I've learned my lesson. Next baby I'll start the de-swaddle process much earlier.

For Dh for Valentine's Day I made a labor-intensive treat - a raspberry cheesecake with chocolate crust and raspberry glaze. The glaze is setting right now, then I'll be able to take the springform pan off. If I remember, I'll take a pic. I hope Dh likes it. It has marscapone instead of sour cream, so it's rich, not tangy. I don't know if he'll go for that. Hopefully!!!

We are going out Friday for V Day because 1) Finding a babysitter on Valentine's Day? Yeah right. 2) Getting a reservation will be much easier.

Just finished Mrs Fytton's 'Country Life'. Enjoyable escapism. Though highly improbable ending.


Maggie said...

So how much earlier would you start to de-swaddle next time?

Anth said...

I will start at 3 months, then the de-swaddle should be complete around 4.5 - 5 months.

Morgan said...

That outfit is so ADORABLE!! I hope you guys had a great Vday and dinner out.

Tiffany said...

what a cute little girl, good job with the swaddling that really is hard.