Saturday, January 27, 2007


Baby E doesn't much care for being laundry. But she is a good sport.

She did not pull herself up into this position. Thank goodness. I am not ready for her to crawl, I am certainly not ready for her to pull up on things. She likes to lean over and gum the edge of the table. And we like to see her little disproportionate body! Ha ha
When I was a kid I used to do this to myself all the time. I would pretend to be a nun because my hair was all covered. Now I think it is weird that I would pretend to be a nun. But then, my brothers and I used to pour Cheerios into bowls, stare at the wall, and pretend to be at the movies. The Cheerios were popcorn. Duh. The point is, I was a weird kid. My husband would say, Not much has changed. I love that Baby E is game for hamming it up with her weird mommy.

I gave up on the cold turkey no swaddling. She wasn't napping well, and was crying for nearly an hour before every nap. We are doing a gradual de-swaddle. I swaddle Baby E with one arm out. That is going well, so soon I will make the transition to both arms out.

Baby E eats a lot more baby food now. She eats 1.5-2 containers of baby food, the Gerber 2nds, mixed with about 4 T of rice or oatmeal. She is also still nursing 5 times a day. She takes 2-3 naps a day.

She is experimenting with sounds. Mama, nyanya, dada, baba. No words on purpose yet. I was trying to get her to say mama a few days ago and somehow from that she learned to smack her lips. Which is funny, but not as gratifying as mama. Ha ha

I finished The Glass Castle. It was disturbing. The author's parents were so breathtakingly selfish and deluded. You could tell they were both intelligent, but they were such horrible parents. I'm almost done with Snow Flower & the Secret Fan.

Dh was supposed to go winter camping this weekend, but fell ill with a cold. So we are having a quiet weekend at home together. Monday he leaves on a business trip & won't be back until Thursday. Which is the same day his parents arrive for the weekend, so we won't have much alone time then. Actually, though, we are going to ask the grandparents to do a little bonding with Baby E so we can test drive some cars. The Corolla just does not cut it. Baby E's car seat only fits in the backseat because we moved the front seats up really far. We plan on having more kids, and another car seat will simply not fit in the Corolla. We are looking at the Highlander (I'm fond of Toyotas ha ha). Anyone have experience with the Highlander? Love it/hate it? We are also thinking of the Honda Pilot, but the Highlander scored higher in crash tests.


Kim said...

My mom drives a Highlander and she loves it. It doesn't use much gas, but you can load an upright bass into the back of it.

Chas said...

When we were looking for a new car over the summer, we looked at the Honda Pilot and really liked it. I loved that it had third row seating, which was something we really wanted. Before deciding to wait on buying a new car, we decided we liked the Ford Freestyle (a crossover) the best. Both cars are really nice.

thethinker said...

Those pictures are adorable.