Monday, January 08, 2007

Florida Highlights

My dad rented a pontoon boat. Everyone went out except me & Baby E. Dh & I decided it wasn't safe for Baby E since there was no life vest. It turned out to be a stellar decision, because it was freeze-your-butt-off-cold as my mother would say. And I am a total pansy about the cold. Instead, Baby E & I went shopping. Yeah! (Note people huddled under animal print blankets - my mom has intriguing taste in fabric, huh.)
Me on Shell Island. Though just one day after the pontoon boat adventure, it was 10 degrees warmer. Thus the short sleeve shirt.
Highlight of the Shell Island trip: a seagull crapped on my little brother Joey's face. His FACE. How disgusting is that. Plus, well, you have to understand about Joey. He's 10, his next sibling is a 14-year-old girl. So it's kind of like he's an only child. And very hyper. And very weird. And so, on a boat full of people, at least 50 people, Joey was crapped on by a seagull, and no one in my family was really that surprised. It just seems like the kind of thing that would happen to Joey.

Our happy family, again at Shell Island. Poor Baby E was so exhausted, having just dropped a major bomb in her diaper (and all over her clothes) on the boat, so she fell asleep against Dh's chest in the carrier. Which never happens.

And well, we don't have many more pics of our Florida trip. We got so busy doing things and having fun that we forgot to take pictures. Which is cool.

Santa's little helper.
Mess created while Dh briefly used the bathroom. Dh did not put Baby E near her trashcan. But you know, Baby E works fast when time is short.


Lizzy said...

Girl, you always have your camera ready, don't you?
LURVE the Baby by the Trashcan photo. Priceless.
Also, the family picture is beautiful. You look so happy. And warm!

girl from florida said...

LOVE her face in that picture!! It's too hilarious! And your few Florida pics are wonderful too :)

Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear your vacation was a success. Reading about Shell Island made me home sick. There's nothing like Florida in the winter. Ahh the sunshine, the beaches, and the snow birds!

The "caught in the act" trash picture is priceless!

Wanted: Baby E the Trash Bandit