Thursday, January 11, 2007

The End of Swaddling

Monday I decided to stop swaddling Baby E during naps. Yes, I have been swaddling her for over 7 months. But she has nearly outgrown every blanket, and my gut said it was time. She wakes up unswaddled, it just seems to be that initial falling-asleep time that she likes to be wrapped up. Her first unswaddled nap, she cried for almost 40 minutes, then slept for an hour. Her second, 20 minutes of crying, then another hour-long nap. Four days later, there is still trauma (at least 10 minutes of crying) at every nap, and she doesn't nap for longer than an hour anymore, but well, too bad. I still swaddle her at night, in two blankets. Send endurance my way, because this sucks.

This morning I awoke to glorious snow falling! I love snow and miss it. This is the second time it's snowed this winter, which is like a record or something for western Oregon. Ha ha

It's actually really pathetic isn't it? It barely covers the ground. We take what we can get.

I was talking to a friend today about needlecrafts, and she said she never would have guessed I crochet & knit. That I don't seem to have "that personality." I have no idea what that means, but I didn't have time to inquire further. What personality does a knitter/crocheter usually have? I mean, I guess the stereotype is the little grandma knitting baby booties. But I thought it was trendy to knit now. Convenient for me, since I started knitting back when it was still dorky. Ha ha


Chas said...

I didn't really think anyone had a perception of knitters/crocheters anymore; so many people do it now. If you'd said you cross stitched or something like that I might have understood.

Anonymous said...

her facial expressions are priceless, what a cutie pie :) i agree with chas, i didn't think anyone had pre-conceived notions about knitters/crocheters....guess there are the "odd" few out there!!

Isabel said...

My baby never wanted to be swaddled. He was always too hot. I hope things are going better and that she's getting some good naps without much fuss!!