Monday, April 10, 2006

What I'm Reading

Einstein Never Used Flash Cards

Comforting, because I never bought into the whole "flash cards for infants" thing. I heard about little babies reading, and it creeped me out. So this book reassures me that I can just play with Baby Girl and she will grow up nicely. (Plus, that's how I freakin grew up, and I turned out with a decent level of intelligence!) [Was that even good English? Did I just disprove my own statement? Blast!]

Is Jesus the Only Savior?

Interesting so far. I agree with almost everything the author has said. I like this analogy: Demanding outside proof of events in the Bible and only using outside proof (as opposed to internal evidences) is like writing a history of a small town, but discounting the town newspaper and only using information from Newsweek and CNN. However, he displayed his own bias by doing the exact same thing to dismiss the Book of Mormon. Bad form, Mr. Edwards. Logically inconsistant. I hate that.

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