Wednesday, April 12, 2006

May Baby?

In my dreams. Actually, I have this feeling Baby will not make it to June before being born. Marissa says it will be a May baby. Kevin (my boss) is sure the baby will come before May 18, my last day of work. This, I believe, is due more to Kevin being freaked about me leaving than some vibe about when the baby will actually come. I plan on asking the doctor at my next appointment how big she thinks Baby is, and how big she will be allowed to get.
So here's how ghetto my office is: the partners laid off the janitor because our incoming $$ went WAAAAY down after the new bankruptcy law went into effect in October. And despite the fact that things are picking back up, the janitor position remains unfilled. The office is disgusting. One of the other paralegals had to scrub the toilet because it was just getting too nasty. Of course the partners don't seem to care. Half of them are complete slobs anyway, so they probably like it better! No one knows who's in charge of buying soap, so when the soap level got really low, someone diluted it with water. I'm serious. I brought in some soap today, because give me a break! So now we at least have pretty smelling Country Apple soap. Basically May 18 cannot come soon enough! Then I can spend time in my CLEAN house. Even at its dirtiest, my house is not this bad.


Isabel said...

No soap? Are you kidding me?

I mean, come on you rich some soap and just expense it (if it's that big of a deal). The freakin' partners should be able to afford this.

Oh, a baby in May. How exciting!!

Anth said...

This is why I don't really enjoy "The Office." It makes me anxious, because I feel like the crazy, horrible things that happen on that show could actually happen at my office.

Katie said...

Oh man, I LOVE the office just for that fact. I relate to it so well.

No Soap=Gross. Way to be proactive about that.

girl from florida said...

Ew ew ew!! I hope you get at least a week or two of down time before the baby comes. I will savor that time FOREVER! I took off 2 weeks before Baby Girl got here and it was the laziest, most relaxing time ever. I got SO much sleep. I miss those times now :)