Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Belly

You Are 30% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.

In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Friday at my appointment, the doctor said I was measuring at 35-36 weeks! Obviously large, because I was only 31.5 weeks. She said maybe I have excess amniotic fluid. To schedule an ultrasound. She said 50% of the time it's nothing. Odds I did not find that comforting. But I wasn't too worried. Radiology said they'd call me to set up an appointment.

Dh and I headed over to the coast. We met up with friends Matt, Carrie & their kidlets, who were on vacation there. Fun times had by all. We went to lunch, the aquarium, the beach, dinner at a smelly brewery that had good food. Dh and Matt ran out into the ocean for old times' sake. Yes, they are both insane. The water of the Oregon coast is like 12 degrees in April. By the end of the day, I was completely pooped.

Saturday the boys had hoped to go crabbing. But it's the Oregon Coast! So it was raining. We went shopping instead. And I bought nothing at all for myself, but three things for Baby Girl. I thought I would never reach that point. Ha ha Matt was adorable - he went crazy and bought 4 outfits for Baby. Really cute stuff, too.

Saturday evening back at home Dh put together the TV armoire in the living room. He hooked up the TV and assorted crap. We watched the rest of Minority Report on tv. We chilled, and discussed plans for the future. We are one step closer to being able to put the baby's room together. We just need to get rid of the horrible 70s loveseat, then we can put together the crib & changing table in what used to be the TV room. We meaning Dh.

Radiology called me this morning, "Can you come in right now?" Um, yeah, good thing my office is flexible. So I had a quick ultrasound done, the tech said my fluid levels were just fine. She gave me a picture of the baby, but it's not very good. Baby just looks much bigger than in the 20-week pictures (duh).

So I guess the diagnosis is, "Superhero Girl, your belly is enormous! And will only continue to grow for the next two months until you have your baby!" Gee, thanks. Because everyone is already telling me how large this belly is, now my doctor has to jump on the bandwagon. Ha ha I guess I'll hear for sure about the belly size at my next appointment. I am now so far along that my appointments are 2 weeks apart. AAH!!!

Tonight my father-in-law is staying with us. He has medical appointments up in Portland. He might stay tomorrow night too. Friday my mom flies in. Saturday evening my dad, sister Lynn (13) and brother Benjamin (9) arrive. They are staying through Wednesday. When, exactly, will Dh & I get to pause for breath? Um, May. I'm not kidding. We have a friend's wedding coming up, both our birthdays, and our anniversary, all later this month. May, though, I plan on utterly wasting (i.e., savoring). Because once June hits....

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Chas said...

I had the opposite baby was measuring a couple of weeks behind when I went for my 36 week appointment. They ended up taking her early after that didn't change. Good luck with it's all very emotional.