Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Operation Golden Eagle Update

**Long post. I’d say sorry, but I’m not. Ha ha**
Operation Golden Eagle has taken some interesting twists and turns. For a while JW was freaking out because she thought Golden was flirting with me. This was of course ridiculous. He thinks I am cool. Who could think anything but? Ha ha
Last week we hung out with him a bunch. Wednesday a bunch of us (being mostly JW’s siblings and friends & SO’s of siblings) went up to the house Golden was housesitting and we had a fire. After everyone else left, JW and I stayed behind and chatted with Golden for hours. And watched Conan. Yay for Conan!! JW pulled her normal retardedness - asking deep, probing psychological questions that you don’t freaking ask someone you don’t know that well. I wanted to kick her. "Who is the real Golden Eagle?" as I tried not to barf onto the sofa. At work the next day I made her swear not to do that ANY MORE.
The next night he invited JW and I over to make dessert. He likes to make desserts. And he’s good, too - that strawberry shortcake was delicious!!!!!!! We ate it as we lazed around watching "Clan of the Cave Bear," which is a disturbing movie, in case you were wondering. We didn’t go over there until like 10, and I felt kind of uncomfortable, but then we all relaxed and it was fun. He suggested that we go see "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" the next night. Yes, these things were all his idea.
So Friday night JW, Golden, his friend Anne, JW’s brother Brian & his gf, and myself went to the movie [which completely ROCKED by the way!!]. Oh and we convinced Rainbow to get a babysitter and come with!! And I was glad she did because we like to make comments to each other all through movies, while JW gets annoyed when I do that. (Rainbow’s dh was off on a fishing trip.) Then Golden, Anne, JW and I went to Denny’s where we just chatted. Anne’s cool, though JW and I could both tell she wishes Golden would hook up with her. Golden looked at me and said, We have something in common. Which turned out to be he and Keith becoming regulars at Denny’s while they were in college. Ha ha Score!
But this weekend, things turned a little sour. Golden’s gf came up from San Diego for the weekend. And JW found, to her horror, that GF is nice and cool. And they got along famously. You see, GF is very clever, and noticed that Golden always seemed to be hanging out with some rad mystery girls whenever they spoke on the phone. So she came up, and buttered JW up with sweetness and light. As I shook my head. JW is such an open book, bless her little romantic heart. She couldn’t be reserved if you paid her. Her heart’s on her sleeve, and GF worked her way into it. But JW has, as yet, done nothing overt towards Golden. We are all just charming friends. So she doesn’t feel guilty, just concerned. It’s hard to aim for a guy when you think his current gf is great.
I believe that Golden is not as into his relationship as GF is. He has never, ever, NOT ONCE referred to her as his girlfriend. [JW says he did, once.] Despite the fact that she is, and they have been dating for over a year. He always calls her "The girl I’m dating." This is such a bad sign. Also, and this is what has convinced me that I’m right, is that he has a job opportunity in San Diego (i.e., he could live in the same town as GF) and he has made no commitment to how long he will work here, and now that the housesitting gig is over, he is living with a friend 45 minutes away. And seems to have every intention of staying here. This means he would rather have an hour and a half commute than live in the same city as GF. Yeah. Exactly. My guess is she’s trying ever-so-subtly to turn the commitment screws and Golden’s having none of that. Darlings, that relationship is doomed. As Cindy Adams would say, trust mother.


Katie said...

Good post! If I were in San Deigo and dating someone in Oregon who had the chance to move down and be with me, but he didn't, I think I would end the relationship. Quick.

Anth said...

Yeah, that would be the logical thing to do.