Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Which We Learn How the Earth Was Made

Last night I dreamt Dillard's made a large water park downtown without me noticing.  I stumbled upon it while walking from the hospital to the library. (Even in my dream I couldn't figure out why I was walking from the hospital to the library.)  I think Dillard's should definitely get into the business of water parks.  In my town.

Look at the love on Baby C's face!  *melts*

Ace's birthday is tomorrow, as is his birthday party.  The excited antics by both Ace & Miss E are through the roof and I am out of patience.  So my kids aren't the only ones counting down til it's partytime.  My little boy is turning 4.  He is so tall now.  Today he told me how the earth was made. 

some green
hot stuff

smashded together



Miss E said loudly there was no glue involved, to which Ace insisted even more loudly that "they glueded it and makeded it."

I introduce Ace to Rodney Yee.

I love the 3-year-old language.  Ace calls manta rays "manta rissas." I have no idea where he got that word from, but I think I actually like it better than manta ray.  Manta rissa is rather pretty.

Dh has been helping coach a baseball team and I am sick of that.  Also it is the spring salmon run, so basically just shoot me now.  Though I read a couple blogs by women whose husbands are accountants, so I know full well I have no place to complain about my husband being absent.  Tomorrow he is going fishing in the morning but is under strict orders (from me) to be home by 12 pm.  He knows his life is at stake.  I have done all the party prep - invitations, cake (airplane), goody bags, decorations, etc.  I told him he is in charge of cleaning the house. 

Invitation to Ace's party.  This is as crafty as I get, people.  Rawr.
I've been trying very recently to exercise more.  Though I deduced the following (just try to fault my logic.  I dare you):

Exercising more = sweating more = showering more.  Also exercising more often leads directly to living longer.  Living longer and taking more showers means you consume more of the earth's resources.  SO, if you really love the earth, you'll never exercise and die young.  The end.

The other day I attempted this workout routine.  Ooo-eee I'm glad only my children were witnesses.  I'm sure I looked hilarious.  The lady kept saying, okay do one mambo, one meringue, and then two side mambos with wavy arms.  I was like, wait, what's a mambo again?  It was fun, and I'll do it again.  But not in front of any adults.  Haha  (By the way, I have no idea why the lady looks so dumb on the cover pic of the workout routine.  She's dressed normally in the actual workout.)

I'm burned out again on YA fiction.  This happens to me about once a year.  I have the second book in the Chemical Garden trilogy, but it's going back to the library.  I read about 40 pages and it was just irritating me too much.

Oh and I gave up on A Distant Mirror.  I had barely cracked it in three weeks and suspected it was only going to get harder.  Some guy on goodreads who only reads non-fiction and classics said Tuchman's style can best be described as turgid and there are better books about the late Middle Ages.  I was so delighted by his use of the word turgid that I asked him for some recommendations and he responded within 5 minutes!  I love the Internet.

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Christy said...

I kind of hate throwing birthday parties. Too much work. I think my kids only like them because they get presents from their kids.

Your logic on the sweating/shower routine totally makes sense. I plan on dieing young to save resources.