Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ducks, Dick & a Brick

Dh caught some ducks this winter and has been pestering me to cook them.  I have never cooked duck before!!!!  I am kind of nervous.  I have Martha's instructions, which have the duck roasting for a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes, but that recipe calls for a 5-6 pound duck.*  I have two ducks that together weigh 2.5 pounds.  So...teensy little ducks.  I have a probe thermometer so I will know exactly when those little duckies hit 165 degrees.  I'm guessing like 30 minutes.  Haha  I'm going to make mini bacon muffins and a salad.  My children are already freaking out about dinner (the horror!) so the salad is partially to placate them.  Yes, my kids are weird.  Duck is too scary to try, but salad is fun to eat.  Actually Ace will probably try the duck because he is pretty adventurous at the table, but Miss E is quite entrenched in the beige phase.  The other day she tried teriyaki chicken and that was major progress.  *sigh*

It seems really weird to me that people keep calling Dick Clark America's oldest teenager.  If someone called me that I would be really offended.  I know it's because he looked younger than he was, but he didn't actually look like a teenager.  Haha  Plus why would you want to look like a teenager forever?  People are rude to young people just because they look young.  People are rude to middle-aged people when they look young, just because they look young.

Which leads me to Samantha Brick.  I know I am two weeks late talking about this, but I'm a little surprised people are being so fantastically rude to her.  Okay, her delivery sucked.  However, she has a point and I'm disappointed most people are pretending like she doesn't.  One doesn't have to be a supermodel to be treated badly by other women.  One just has to be a little prettier than the other women.  I am completely ignored by Victoria's Secret employees every time I go in there, while the middle-aged women in Crocs are well-tended.  I roll my eyes and grouse about the insecure 20-year-olds employed there.  (To the point that now I never go there.  Also I don't like the soft porn.)  I'm not a supermodel!  By any stretch of the imagination!  But like I said, you only have to be a teensy bit prettier than the insecure girl in question.  And we all know that guys give a pretty girl a pass on all kinds of behavior.  It made me sad that all the comments I read (on MSN) were like, "She's a horse."  One woman was honest - she said when she was younger women were frequently mean to her and men would hold doors for her and be so nice, and now that she weighs over 200 lbs women are nice to her and men don't see her.  I even noticed this kind of behavior when I was pregnant - invisible to guys (except those whose wives or gfs were pregnant or had just had babies - they would tell me about it), but older middle-aged women - who usually ignore me - would smile sweetly at me.  What do you think?

Lunchtime calls.  Why do we have to eat so often?  It feels sometimes like all I do is make food to be consumed by my family!  Admit it, it would be kind of nice to be a polar bear and just eat a seal once a week.

*I tried to link to the recipe, but the page just loads eternally.  Anyone else noticed that Martha Stewart's site has some page loading issues?  This is not the first time this has happened to me on her site.


Neil and Meredith Larson said...

People are so complex I don't know if things can be so simplified into an "I'm prettier then her" answer. I worked in retail all through college and to be honest the girls at VS might just be thinking that the middle agers can buy more then a younger cute girl. The older gal's money will help them reach their sales goal faster so they ignore someone they assume wont be putting down the big bucks. On a side note for optimal customer service go shopping in expensive clothing and with a great handbag. And most importantly without children. Nothing says window shopper like a stroller. But anyway i guess I just hope that we as women are more highly evolved then to treat someone badly because they are more attractive.

Anth said...

Well you do have a good point about dressing up to get better service at stores. This was before I had kids, so no stroller was in sight, but I doubt I had a nice handbag, since I didn't have one at that point.

And I did say that it's a problem with insecure women, not women in general. Or rather I hope I made that clear. Most women are lovely to the people all around them! I know so many women to whom it wouldn't even occur to be rude to someone because of how looked. I do have a hard time believing that someone as pretty as you Meredith has never been subjected to rude behavior by some lame girl!

(I'll post this to your blog too because I'm not sure you'll get this otherwise.)