Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Light of the Moon

Light of the Moon Light of the Moon by Luanne Rice

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rating: 2 of 5 stars
How did I get tricked into reading a romance novel? I'll tell you - the author lured me in with a main character who is (supposedly) an anthropologist. Unfortunately the best word to describe this book is "hokey."

First of all, no anthropologist worth her salt would use the word "exotic" as much as the main character Susannah does. I didn't believe for a second that she was actually a cultural anthropologist. The post-modern world of anthropological academia has no time for self-absorbed mysticism. Susannah had no sense of current anthropological theories. It was like Rice read a few journal articles, browsed a few university websites, and felt like she knew quite enough to make it convincing. Only she didn't.

The relationship that developed between Susannah and her love interest was melodramatic and unmoving. I laughed many times during what I'm sure were supposed to be romantic, thrilling scenes. I finished the book to see if it ended as ridiculously as I thought it would (it did). Also to write a scathing review here. Ha ha

The book's one saving grace was some sincerely moving passages about the love between mothers and daughters.

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

Bummer. I'll be even less likely to read it than I was 10 minutes ago! hehe.

Cassie said...

Something similar happened to me with a book called Before Sunrise by, I think, Diana Palmer. It's a little book I'd rather call A Big Pile of Crap. I picked that one up because the main character was an anthropologist and there was the promise of ancient Native American artifacts or something...but the book was crap. So I feel your pain.