Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I was reading the February Redbook* horoscope this evening and it talked about how one of my dreams was going to start coming true on the 9th. Since the 9th has obviously already passed, I tried to think back a whole eight days to see if I could pinpoint the magical dream unfolding in my life. First of all, I was unsuccessful in remembering the 9th. And second, I couldn't really think of any dreams that could come true at this point in my life. Let's see if I can articulate this. I have a great man and two beautiful kids. My husband has a solid job and we have a nice house and nice cars (with no car payments). I'm satisfied with my life right now. Whatever goals I have right now are small:
  • Don't yell at Miss E when she shoves her little brother over on purpose.
  • Calmly maintain control of self when Ace rolls over on the changing table whilst covered in poop.
  • Be nice to my husband.
  • Improve cooking skills.
  • Read the scriptures more often.
See? Little things. Little things that will take me my entire frickin life to master, but nothing huge. Later, when my kids are older, my goals are going to change. Then there will be "dreams that will start to come true in my life on the 9th." But for now, being a good mother and wife are my major aspirations.

*I think I might be out of the Redbook demographic, i.e., too young, but unlike magazines geared for my age bracket, Redbook often has articles with actual substance. Aaaaand there's where I sound like the middle-aged woman I apparently am underneath.


EdgyK said...

I think one of your goals should be Chillin' with your home girls more often.

Holly said...

I myself read US Weekly. I think I might be a teenager underneath.

Cassie said...

This is such a sweet post! I'm glad to hear your life is so good right now. You are definitely blessed.

I read US Weekly, just like Holly. It's like an addiction.

Lindz said...

My goals overflow-eth as well. I feel like I need to start a diary of some sort again just to keep track of them.

Melain said...

The wife and mother bit are pretty big things on their own. I wish I could pull my aspirations out of the rafters and back to the realm of achievablility.

Katie said...

I know you're still updating here. I still check everyday to see what you're up to.

Someone so addicted to daily things like crosswords could never just quick blogging like that...

Katie said...

Ooops, I meant "quit blogging" not "quick blogging"

Anonymous said...

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BluBabes said...

The last comment did not turn out the way I would have liked. Ah well, that is all a part of the blogger world. I too would like it if this lady would post again.

aa said...