Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fathers and Sons

So my husband went ballistic last night because I threw away a receipt he needed. Little does he know:
  • If I didn't go through his stuff regularly and throw crap away, we'd have one of those houses that just have the little trails through rooms, and Health Services comes in and finds dead cats buried under all the old magazines and gas station receipts.
  • I've been throwing away his crap for over six years.
I just slipped up and misjudged on what was trash. I blame the newborn.

Well, so I was all peeved. What's a girl to do? I emailed his mom, of course. She's such a cool m-i-l that I can obliquely criticize her son and she doesn't even care. On the contrary, she responded:
"I can't throw away stuff fast enough to keep up with F-i-l. So just keep up with Dh."

Totally sympathetic. I heart my m-i-l.

I pondered this situation. I'm sure Dh picked up this charming "Leave My Crap Everywhere" trait from his father. Is Ace destined to do the same? Can I, by example, steer him in a neater direction? I hope yes, but I'm betting on NO. I guess I should start now to develop inner peace with the slobs in my life.

Love you, sweetie!

To protest my anger in response to his anger, Dh decided to ignore me for a while. This was quite amusing, as he kept forgetting and talking to me. For instance, this afternoon he nicely greeted me when he came home for lunch. Then he burst out, "Dang it! I was supposed to be ignoring you!" He makes me crazy, but I sure love that man.


Sugar and Ice said...

My husband puts all his important receipts in his wallet, b/c he knows I throw everything else out...have to..if I didn't I'd be cleaning out bits of paper from our dryer's lint trap every day.

Dooneybug said...

That's so funny he forgot to be "mad" at you! I'm the one in our house that wants to keep everything. But I'm also the only one who cleans up so I guess that's ok! :)

Christy said...

My husband likes to collect things too. I cannot get that man to thrown away magazines or newspapers. So frustrating.

Holly said...

That's so funny! When I get mad at Tom, I'll stop talking to him and of course forget about it as soon as something pops in my head. It's so hard to hold onto that righteous anger!

Melain said...

Oh, your kid will be a slob. It's guarenteed. But if he has even HALF of DH's other wonderful qualities, it'll make up for it completely.

Cassie said...

That's hilarious! Hopefully Ace isn't destined to follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. I hope that's the kind of thing you can train him out of doing, and not the kind of thing he's just DESTINED for.

I can't get my husband to get rid of the following: old childhood sports sweatshirts and athletic equipment, Star Wars toys, anything that says Ohio State Buckeyes on it and may someday be a collectible, and video game system boxes. But the man couldn't find a receipt to save his life.