Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tagged Woman on the Verge ages ago!

5 Things About Me

1) I enjoy doing 16x16 Sudoku puzzles and always attempt the Sunday NYT crossword.

2) I have only successfully completed the Sunday NYT crossword twice.

3) I am really lazy about bathing my infant, mostly because I hate handling slippery little bodies. (Insert my imagined images of dropping him accidentally here.) Instead I wipe down his hands feet and neck every couple of days. I was the same way when Miss E was a baby. I only bathe him when Dh is around to help.

4) I rather compulsively save all recipes that sound good to me. Also all knitting & crochet patterns that look neat. I often make the recipes I save. I rarely make the knitted or crocheted things.

5) I have had ice cream go all freezer-burned because I forgot I had it, but I can and will eat an entire bag of sugary candy within two days.

I tag EdgyK, Alfred's Mom, Cassie, Deena and Rebecca (sorry y'all, her blog is PRIVATE).


AM said...

you're right, this is an easy one, I dont mind being tagged! Now I got to think of things yall dont already know!

I bathe Jax nightly, but only because I beleive the routine helps him sleep at night. Although this week you wouldnt know that from the way he's been sleeping.

The slippery baby bodies scare me too. And now Jason is away. Sigh.

Woman on the Verge said...

Thanks muffin!

Chas said...

I've let ice cream go bad many, many times...and I LOVE ice cream. I just forget about it.

Cassie said...

Yay, I love being tagged!

I'm in awe that you've actually completed the NYT crossword twice. I've made countless attempts, but I think I am just doomed to fail.

Andrew only gets a bath every other day, and I dread it because, like you said: slippery baby bodies. Goo!

EdgyK said...

Sweet! I was the first to be tagged.