Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have a cold. Bleh! What miserable timing! I spent as much time as I could today sitting on the sofa doing Sudoku puzzles. Which wasn't enough, I tell you. That child I have? Is demanding. If she doesn't get a rather high level of attention in each hour, she starts fussing and pulling on my leg, crying, "Mama, Mama," which is certainly touching but not very conducive to me laying around feeling sorry for myself. In an effort to make myself feel better, I took a picture of my new purse, as per Isabel's request.

Hmm. Hard to get a sense of scale. It is not the smallest of this style. It easily holds my wallet, a small notepad, two lip glosses, a mascara, fruit snacks, two sets of keys, and my cell phone. Does that clarify? Ha ha

And here is Baby E, interrupted from cheerfully shoving taco meat into her mouth. Too bad you can't read her shirt - it says "My daddy can fix anything." I love it. (Yet another thing my mother bought. Trying to buy Dh's love???)


BluBabes said...

I would hope that you still favor the red guess bag still. I know that it may not be a Kelly, but you make it one :-)

Holly said...

I have a cold, too. Bleh. But it is so much worse to have a cold when youa re pregnant because you seem to produce twice the mucus (lovely).
Cute purse!

Isabel said...

What a lovely new purse. It's the perfect size.

And also, TACOS!

TRS said...

Oh... did you happen to make that chair cover? Where did you find the apple and pear fabric?