Tuesday, December 05, 2006

6 months!

Baby E is 6 months old and I can barely believe it! She is already growing out of lots of her 3-6 months clothes and most of her 6-9 months clothes fit perfectly. She is not very big around, but she is pretty long, so some of her new clothes are even already too short! (Picture unintentional capris.) Her biggest accomplishment is she is a pro at rolling over both ways now. She likes to roll and wriggle until she reaches forbidden objects, like Daddy's schoolwork. She is really making progress at sitting up and can sit up on her own for 5-10 seconds before toppling over. She is also insatiably curious. She wants to grab anything I have, which calls for new levels of speed and dexterity on my part. Ha ha Cell phones, cups, keyboards. All of them appeal to her. She laughs more and uses her angry yelp more often too. She's a funny kid, and SO fun. Dh and I are just eating it all up. She has this one smile she gives me - it's the most adoring look, like she thinks I am just the best thing ever, I wish I could box that smile up and pull it out anytime I'm down. I'd never be sad again. She is a wonderful little girl.

Unfortunately for all of us, we are having trouble with our digital camera, so no new pics. BUT you can view pics of our San Diego trip here.

What have I been up to? Aside from sadly neglecting my blog...I foolishly decided to knit a little sweater vest for my friend's baby boy, due soon. Her shower is the 16th...and I have a ways to go. I'm done with most of the body, but what's left is the finishing. Technically I've never done most of the finishing required in the pattern. So it's going to take a while. Oops. I guess I really have to buckle down...or run out to Gymboree on the 15th. Ha ha

Dh is taking two graduate courses this semester, as I might have mentioned. One final paper is done, the other remains. Between working full-time and keeping up with his homework, he's been really stressed. And this trickles down onto me. Not so much trickles as pours like a mighty avalanche. Frankly, November kinda blew. (Aside from glamorous San Diego trip, of course.) He's looking forward to his classes being over - I don't think he realizes how much I'm looking forward to his classes being over. When he's stressed, he sucks to be around. And because he's been so busy, any breaks for me have been few and far between. Which double sucks. Because as any mom knows, you can't stay at home with a baby all the time and not go a little crazy.

Well, sorry for being out of the blog loop so long! I'll be better, I promise! But now I hear a yummy strata calling my name, so ciao!


Katie said...

I've never had strata. What is it exactly?

The ear doctor know just how you feel. I get a little nuts under stress

Lizzy said...

I know just how you feel about Dh and the graduate work. My husband did his Masters over the last two years, on top of teaching full time. And we didn't have our baby until just before he got his diploma. I know how hard it is for you.
I wish had sage words of wisdom to pass along, but I'm afraid I have nothing more to offer than 'hang in there.'
Try to find something you can do for yourself once a week-- outside of the house and without the baby. A yoga class, a knitting circle, anything that gets you out and away for an hour or two and has nothing to do with anything but having a little fun...