Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm in My Underwear Yet Still Sweating

Baby E, normally a well-behaved baby, fussed off and on from 1-8 pm. Rude. I'm not complaining! But it is rude, you have to admit. It meant I got nothing done today. But since it was 99 degrees, my main goal for today was: Sit in Front of Portable Air Conditioner That Thank Goodness We Bought Just Before Baby E Arrived. Now that I think about, I actually accomplished today's goal. ALL afternoon. So yay me.

I brought Baby E in to the office this morning. It was weird to be back there. Nothing had changed. All "my" files were still in place on the shelves where I had stacked them. Kevin told me he realized I really was working all those hours I sat at that ugly desk. Which was nice to hear. I did not feel the need to inform him that I only mostly worked and sometimes was actually checking people's blogs. Ha ha

Baby E actually slept this way for like 10 minutes. Maybe she was dreaming she was an airplane. (And Dh looks like he's sporting a creepy mustache, but I swear he's not. It's the lighting. Or something. But that is a Goonies t-shirt.)

We had planned on going camping tonight. Psych! Or however you spell it. It is too freakin hot. I pictured myself nursing Baby E in the horrible heat and her fussing at 4 a.m. and all the other people in their tents cursing the retards who decided to take their infant camping. When Dh got home from work, I told him, "There is no way I'm camping with fussy Baby E when it is this freakin' hot!!!!" I live in western Oregon, people. I don't do heat.

Last night I dreamt that I had to help everyone in India, and I was very frustrated because as you know there are over a billion people in India, and the first day I only helped five.


Chas said...

Love the airplane pose...too cute.

I think this entire country is beyond hot right now. I was at my mom's and her thermometer read I live in the South so I'm used to heat...but when it hits 100 I really can't leave the house.

alfredmsom said...

DOnt lie. It really is a creepy mustache isnt it? ;) j/k

Love the airplane look.

Rebecca said...

Your baby gets cuter every time I check in on your site!

Man it IS freaking HOT out here on the left side of the country, isn't it? We are melting in CA. It makes for some sticky-icky breastfeeding. :-(

Avorie said...

How cute!! I love the pictures of Daddya and baby passed out.

Isabel said...

You were going to go camping with a newborn? You are brave (or crazy)....