Sunday, July 02, 2006

4 Weeks

It is simply unacceptable that it has been four weeks since Baby E arrived. Time is going WAY too fast and it makes me grouchy. Or is that due to the lack of sleep??? Yeah. Anyway, Baby E was blessed today and it went quite well. As the proud new mom, I would like to mention that when Dh held her up immediately afterwards (as is the tradition), there was a collective sigh from the congregation. She looked that cute.

My mom made the blessing gown. Yes, MADE it. I have to admit, I didn't know she was so good at sewing; the gown was absolutely beautiful.

Then Baby E had a meltdown in the car on the way home. Thank heaven the church is only 5 minutes away from our house, because I just hate it when she cries and there's nothing I can do to help her, i.e., whenever she cries in the car (which thankfully is not that often).

I am doing pretty well. Much better than last Sunday. That day, we had two guests, and neither was helping much (misunderstanding that was cleared up the very next day), and I was so sick of having people everywhere in my house. And yes, fine, there were definitely some hormones and exhaustion in the mix. So I went into the closet with a pillow and a burp cloth (for the tears) and had a cry. Luckily we have a large walk-in closet so there was plenty of room. Ha ha Dh found me there and insisted on a cuddle, and between the cry and the cuddle, I felt much better.

And now I'm feeling so much better. More confident in my abilities as a mother, better physically, and let's be honest, I'm glad all visitors are gone now. It's nice to have our house to ourselves again. So I can walk around half naked if I so desire! And don't have to nurse Baby E under a blanket! We get so sweaty when I have to do that.

Dh only has two weeks left of his paternity leave. I know, I should shut up because yes, I'm bloody lucky that he could take so much time off. And believe me, I am, because Baby E is shaping up to be a daddy's girl already. He can calm her faster than anyone. Except my boobs. Ha ha And he is an expert swaddler. And seeing him hold her and whisper, "It's okay, Daddy's here," makes me REALLY wish I already had the go-ahead on marital relations!!!!!


Chas said...

What a sweet family! You look absolutely great!!!

girl from florida said...

First of all. There is no way you had a baby 4 weeks ago, you look WAY too fabulous!! Argh!

Second of all, what a beautiful family you have! She is so darling.

I feel the same way about the visitors! the sweaty nursing! I've taken to just nursing in front of every woman who's around, I can't be bothered with the sweat. A hates it too and just fusses. I also find it totally impossible to deal with her crying- I'll usually climb back over the seat to try to calm her (when she starts smiling immediately!)

And to make you feel better, she will most likely start sleeping through the night very soon! Amelia was until I tried moving her into her crib- she hates it. She is perfectly content to be tightly swaddled in the bassinet beside our bed- which we do, for the sake of our sanity and sleep.

And I totally understand your desire for the green light on marital relations. There is nothing more sexy than seeing your husband hold his baby girl, is there? It just takes my breath away to watch mine.

isabel said...

Holy look HOTT. Way to go!! And baby E looks adorable also.

Were there any other babies being blessed that day? When we blessed Babboo he was the only one. In fact, he was the only one in the last 6 months!!