Saturday, August 20, 2005

Updates From the Field

We showed up at the "restaurant" at the "golf course" last night for Part 1 of Dh's reunion. (Quotes used due to extremely ghetto nature of both places.) At first, rather boring. Lots of hand shaking, as Dh hugs various people, all of whom recognize him (his graduating class was like 75).
I caught up with Andrea and we chatted for a few. Highlight of that convo: "I think I might be pregnant, we'll know next week" Ten seconds later - "I'm going to get a drink." Yeah, alcohol. So when you're 3 weeks pregnant, make it a Bud Light! Yeah!
After about 20 minutes we finally made it far enough into the restaurant to spot The Playa and his wife E. E, who is normally aloof and kind of snooty to me, was warm and open. As was I in return. I think we both realized that we should put our differences aside and chat all night or we would be stuck following our husbands around saying "Nice to meet you" until our faces cracked from fake smiles. So we actually enjoyed ourselves. We talked about our lives, goals, the classy people around us, how nasty this town is, etc. Lots of laughter.
I think the highlight of the night for me was when The Playa sat down with us, more than a little tipsy. He's a funny drunk, and I had never seen The Playa drunk, so I found it very amusing. That Jack and Coke really loosened him up, in a good way. I also found out that The Playa and E only go to church at Christmas, when they are visiting his parents. Dh, and even more so, The Playa's dad, who is bishop of the ward here, are in complete denial about The Playa and E. Dh told me just a few months ago that he was pretty sure The Playa was still nominally active. Uh, yeah, not if he's openly drinking at his 10-year. Apparently The Playa is now liberal, which I can't say I approve of. That's almost worse than taking up social drinking. Ha ha
The Playa realized he better stop drinking or his dad would be able to smell it on him when they went home, so he switched to water. He quickly became much less amusing, though more coherent. I decided not to tell Dh about this. Let The Playa tell him in his own way & time.
More later, have to attend the family picnic now. Cheers!

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