Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update on My Life

Well, hello there.  It is I, your friendly neighborhood onion chopper.  My husband pulled out these goggles as a joke as I prepared to chop an onion.  Laugh all you want.  Fools mock!  The goggles totally worked.  I even allowed him to take a picture.  And now I am putting it on the Internet.  Because I am cool like that.  The chicken curry turned out delicious, btw.

Oh hey, a sexy man.

We took the kids to a local amusement park? a couple weeks ago.  I put a question mark by amusement park because honestly I am not sure what to call the place.  It's actually kind of creepy.  It has all these little vignettes based on nursery rhymes, but they're like 50 years old.  There are some kiddie rides at the end though, and the kids LOVE going, so we've made it a tradition to go each year.

What you see in the two pictures above is JOY, my friends.

And this girl.  Could you not just eat her up?  She is soooo cute and fun and funny.  She is already a daddy's girl!  To a truly remarkable degree.  Miss E loves her daddy, but her adoration developed slowly and was firmly in place by 2 1/2.  But this one openly prefers Dh to me already, and she's not even one (though she turns one next week!  man!).  I can't say I really mind, because she likes to be held and is not very light!  Haha  She also has quite the personality.  The other day she kept banging Ace on the head with a golf ball.  We were all laughing our heads off (including Ace, since Baby C is not very strong).

Yesterday she took her first step!  To Daddy, of course!  I didn't even see it; I was making dinner.  We tried to get her to repeat the feat to no avail.  She's been standing tons in the past couple of days, so we knew it was any day on the walking.

This baby also appears to be my death-wish baby.  She stands up precariously in her high chair, stands up in shopping carts (& thus must ALWAYS be strapped in), and is always leaning forward toward things that will hurt her (such as the ground from several feet up).  The other day at EK's new house, Baby C crawled right up to the edge of the deck and tried to stick her head under the railing.  *eyeroll*  Fortunately the deck builder planned it right and she was safely corralled by the railing.  She loves to play in the toilet (blech), my only baby to do so.  Also loves to BANG on the laptop keyboard whenever she can get to it.  The best part of that last antic is that she laughs maniacally when she does it because she knows I'll come running and put a stop to her fun!

We went to Dh's parents for 4th of July, it was quite fun.  Most of his siblings & their families came too, so there were many cousins for our kids to play with.  

I got a bike at the beginning of summer.  I hadn't ridden a bike in over 10 years.  I had a little bike accident at 19 and haven't ridden since.  It turns out riding a bike...is like riding a bike!  I just hopped on and away I went.  I talked Dh into getting a bike trailer too.  It's been fun to go on family bike rides.  For everyone except Baby C, who hates wearing her helmet and cries nearly the entire time we are out.

I hosted book club last week.  *sigh*  It really is the fakest book club ever.  I didn't even read the book, though I picked it.  Also we had to reschedule twice due to conflicts, so by the time we actually held it, only two other ladies showed up!  So we had plenty of delicious food.  I made Red Robin's Freckled Lemonade via Food Network Magazine (very accurate!  but too much work), Orange Dream Layered Squares (a hideous name for a yummy summer treat), and some chips & salsa and Red Velvet Cookies which I just bought at the store.

Oh and the other big news is we got an above-ground pool for the backyard.  It's ridiculously huge, 15 feet across, 3.5 feet deep.  Between that, the trampoline, the swing set, a picnic table and a couple trees, our backyard is PACKED.  But my husband would say, "Yeah, packed with SUPER FUN!"  It's true.  I was initially very annoyed by the pool because it is so big and deep.  (You can't see over the side if you are sitting in a chair on the lawn.) BUT it is fun to play in, and feels really, really nice on a hot day.  Also it can be disassembled once the weather turns.  I've invited bunches of people to come hang out in the pool in the afternoons and the kids always have a blast.  The other day we had 11 kids in the pool!  Also Miss E is so tan now!


Cassie said...

If anyone ever asks me why I like you so much, I will show them that first picture. That is all. :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The onion chopping goggles are awesome - when I used to wear contacts, I could chop onions to my heart's desire so those goggles are awesome. No tears!

And above-ground pools? Ah, reminds me of summer break during elementary school and splish-splashing with my friends up and down the block!

Jessica Clark said...

I've been meaning to comment on this. My comment? I loved it! =) The End.

Texasholly said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I have to say, I am scared to death of 3 kids, but you made it seem not so scary!