Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Deals

I scored some super deals yesterday that I'm so excited about, I just have to tell someone! I told Dh,'s not the same. He doesn't get into it.

So anyway, JC Penney and Kohl's both sent me $10 off coupons, with no minimum purchase, my favorite kind! At Penney's I managed to find girl undies for Miss E for exactly $10, so they were free! At Kohl's I found a 2-pack of Cars pajamas for Ace on clearance. After the $10 was taken off, they cost me $6 out of pocket. Considering I can't find used pajamas at Value Village for less than $2.99, I was very pleased.

I also used coupons at Bath & Body Works to get two shower gels, a travel size lotion for my purse and a mini hand sanitizer for $12 total. Shower gel's about all I use from that store, since let's be honest their lotion is really subpar.

Of course, then I wandered in to Nordstrom to replace my favorite Lancome lipstick...only to discover it was Lancome gift naturally I had to buy two lipsticks...Not super deals, but fun! Especially since I used my favorite lipstick until it is literally a nub. They don't make that exact lipstick anymore. :( The woman at the counter very patiently rubbed color after color on her hand to help me pick out the closest colors to my dear departed lipcolor.

Perhaps the colors are off on my laptop, because the lipsticks don't really match how these pics are appearing to me. They are very wearable, and both pretty close to my normal lip color, though obviously the bottom one is pinker. I forgot how fun it is to buy makeup...

It's about the only thing I feel like buying right now. Since I'm pretty sure this is my last baby, I don't want to spend a penny on maternity clothes if I can possibly help it. I did buy the cutest floral t-strap wedges a few weeks ago at Charlotte Russe. If only it would stop raining so I could actually wear them!!! Hopefully I can wear them a few times before my belly grows so big that giant wedges become hazardous to my safety.

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