Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Which I Sound Like a Corporate Shill

I took the kids to the library last week, and right on schedule Ace got sick a few days later. He was so nice as to pass the cold along to me. Lovely, really. I've been sick off and on ALL WINTER. That makes me grouchy.

So I started taking a multivitamin. Don't tell my mother about the multivitamin. She is a rep for Us@na, and keeps trying to convince me to take their products. At $30 for a one month supply, I don't think so!

I also started Zicam whenever I feel the twinges of a new cold. My dad and Rush Limbaugh suggested it to me. Who am I to resist those two? So....not to sound like a commercial, but holy crap Zicam totally works! I'm susceptible to colds, I get them hardcore, they last a full two weeks, can't breathe, feel like death, etc. But after taking just a few Zicam, my last cold was really, really, fabulously mild. I was completely functional. I was feeling so good, I didn't keep up taking the pills, so my cold still lasted about 10 days. Since now Ace has handed me another opportunity to test Zicam, I'm really going to try to take them the entire length of the cold.

In other news, I joined Paperbackswap.com and I looooooove it. I listed 10 books, people started requesting them. I mail a book, and once the other person receives it, I get a credit, which enables me to request someone else's book. So I essentially just pay the media mail rate for each new book. Cheaper than I can get them at used book stores or thrift stores.

In other other news, Ace is walking around the house in Miss E's princess shoes. And falling a lot. And then crying. But refusing to take off said shoes.


EdgyK said...

ha ha about the shoes. Cory used to wear Mya's sparkly dresses.

Uuum you did sound like a commercial and I am totally going to try zicam next time I get sick because I'm all about drugs that work.

I'm going to try the paperbackswap as soon as I stop being lazy.

aa said...



Fellow Oregonian surfing by. Nice little blog. Don't quit.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha ha.. love the story about Ace

Melain said...

Hello Lady! Still book whoring and being adorable, I see. Just checking in on you. LOVED your 2009 survey. You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

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