Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why I Like Being a Grown-Up

  • I can throw away the end pieces of bread loaves. My mom made us eat those, and I always seemed to get the end piece. ALWAYS.
  • I can pick out the gross rye pieces from Chex Mix and throw them away. (Obviously as a child I didn't get to WASTE enough.)
  • Driving a car.
  • Knowing I can do whatever the freak I want. Even if I don't. Just knowing, that if I want to, I can sell my house, withdraw all my money and go live in Baja Mexico.
Okay that's really I can think of right now. I can't really explain why throwing away end pieces of bread gives me such pleasure.

My husband feels right now, for several good reasons (graduate school, job he doesn't loooove, little free time) that being a grown-up is kind of lousy. But I am really digging it. Plus, I don't live at home. You've never lived in my parents' home, so you'll just have to believe me when I say that being independent of that place gives me another happy feeling.


Jill said...

My mom used to tell us that bread crusts make your hair curly. Obviously it worked for me

Holly said...

I don't know...while I would NEVER want to go back to high school and all the drama, sometimes I miss the freedom and lack of responsibility that comes with being young and single. No house payments or repairs, you can just walk out your door whenever you want to without having to load up the kids, you can stay up late and sleep in late...yeah, that's freedom. But still not as rewarding as being a mom.

Anth said...

Holly, that was so not my teenage years...long story, but my family was (is) all screwed up, so freedom and lack of responsibility do NOT go in my mind with living with my parents.

I do find myself looking back with such sweet, fond memories of being married with no kids. To me, that was all the perks of marriage yet still not a whole heck of a lot of responsibility. Now I have to be all adultish. Lol

Oh the sleeping in...how I miss it.