Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Siennafication of Fashion

Is anyone else dissatisfied with the turn we are taking? Fashion this fall annoys me. Why does Sienna Miller hold so much sway? The chick cannot dress! And yet everywhere I look are the unhappy manifestations of her influence.

Leggings. They're crappy. They're ugly. They make most people look bad. I could wear leggings; I refuse to do so. I remember the 80's. And so should Sienna.

Big, Ugly Purses. The link will take you to a purse named after Sienna. Blech. I want those sassy little tweed purses to come back in. Way cooler.

Tunic Tops. I just got done being pregnant - why would I want to wear fake maternity shirts?

The only thing I like about fashion right now is the shirtdress. I want to get me this one as soon as possible.

Sienna, give me a call. I think there's still hope for you. We can go shopping, and I'll find you some cute clothes that don't make you look a) homeless, b) like you just rolled out of bed, and c) like your stylist is seriously having the last laugh.


Heather said...

Oh man. I saw a girl wearing black leggings with lace trim and a tan, plaid skirt (which, by the way, was getting snagged by the leggings and crawling slowly upwards with every step). She looked like she was going for preppy 80's girl. I felt bad for her.

Lizzy said...

to the best of my recollection, the 80s were not kind to many.
and although i agree with you about the fall "fashions," i do have to take umbrage with the kooba bad. i covert the kooba sienna. but not so much covet that's worth the $600--even on ebay!

Chas said...

I'm with you...leggings = bad, ginormous purses = bad... now we just have to find a pictue of Sienna wearing skinny jeans and I'll be satisfied. You can't have an ugly fasion list w/out mentioning the skinny jeans celebs have been wearing all summer.

Isabel said...


I went shopping last night and walked around Old Navy thinking "why would I PAY for something that looks like I got it at DI?"

And that is why I left empty handed.