Monday, August 02, 2004

Sister B & the Sunday Night Flash!

Sister B is kind of delusional. Okay, not so much 'kind of' as 'quite.' I talked to her yesterday, and while I appreciate her props on the job sitch, she takes everything so far. So much farther than I think they remotely go. Like, she hates RD to an amazing degree. Bring him up, and watch the swear words start pouring from her mouth. I just sit back and wonder. What, in fact, did he really do to inspire this distaste? Though I did enjoy sharing the story about the sexist idiot at church. His son was so bad!!!!!!
I love H.
The Chicken Paella yesterday was DISGUSTING!! It reminded me of my mother's Chicken Cacciatore. Or however you spell it.
So D indicated that EO would be talking to me today. It's 6 to noon and he has made no move to. And I don't think he will. But K will talk to him, becuase unlike E, he is not scatterbrained. He's so with it, it's amazing.
H played in the Pig Bowl Saturday. Dang did his butt look good in those little pants. Everytime I found him (I looked for his jersey number - 41), my eyes slid right down to his pants. Umm-hmmm.
Last night was really nice. It was one of those quality stay-home-alone nights. I played a little, cleaned a little while talking to Sister B (you can actually get a fair amount done while gabbing - who knew?) and then talked to my sister E. Some tv viewing and book reading, then shower and into bed. Wonderful. I would kind of like to do a repeat tonight. The kitchen floor needs to be swept, and the microwave really needs a good scouring. I might end up at the Johnsons, though. We'll see. Right now, I'd kind of rather be by myself again tonight.

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